SOCIMI (Spanish REIT) specialising in hotels




ATOM HOTELES SOCIMI S.A is a publicly listed SOCIMI (Spanish REIT) focused on the hotel industry in Spain. Incorporated in January 2018 by Bankinter and GMA Capital, and subject to the SOCIMI tax regime.




Our company purpose is the acquisition, management and development of real estate assets for lease in the hotel industry to maximise shareholder returns.

Additionally, it also entails the holding of shares in:

  • Other SOCIMIs and entities not resident in Spain, which have the same company purpose and are subject to a similar tax regime.
  • Real estate collective investment undertakings.

Since its inception, our strategy has consisted in diversifying our portfolio by striking a feasible balance between business and leisure hotels. Moreover, we only let each and every asset to a handpicked group of operators.

A large percentage of our portfolio is derived from guaranteed fixed-income, without these jeopardising the operational feasibility of the hotels. In fact, this structure makes our portfolio more resilient to changes in the business cycle, which in turn provides additionally stability and security to our investors.

ATOM HOTELES SOCIMI S.A. began trading on the Alternative Stock Market (MAB) on November 27, 2018.



GMA is the asset manager of a real estate investment vehicle, specializing in real estate assets and projects with a hotel focus.

With over 20 years of experience in the Spanish and international markets, GMA has managed third-party investments as well as its own, assuming different roles depending on the type of vehicle, from asset manager to the investor-manager figure.

In recent years, the team has participated in over 400 transactions and hotel projects worth over 5 billion euros. Today, GMA manages about 1 billion euros in assets. Its parent company, GMA Capital, is Bankinter’s co-partner and promotor of Atom Hoteles Socimi, S.A

It has a team of professionals with a considerable “track record” and recognition in the sector that are more than capable of fulfilling the objectives set together with the investors of each project.

Currently, GMA is the asset manager and promoting partner exclusively of Atom Hoteles Socimi which is spearheaded by none other than the renowned Victor Martí Gilabert, whose extensive experience in the international hotel market speaks for itself.

GMA’s main objective is to develop successful business projects in order to maximise returns and create value for its investors.